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The conflict in Ukraine is continuing to affect markets and economies around the world.

According to a report from the Kiel Institute of the World Economy, the war led to global trade falling 2.8% between February and March.

The effect has led to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) downgrading its global growth forecast too. In 2022, the global economy is now expected to grow by 3.6%, compared to an earlier prediction of 4.4%.

Inflation is a challenge that many countries

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Gaps in financial education are leaving many teenagers unprepared for managing their money and becoming independent. The good news is that they’re keen to learn and recognise how important getting to grips with personal finance is.

Personal finance is part of the national curriculum. 73% of students surveyed as part of The London Institute of Banking and Finance’s Young Persons’ Money Index 2021-22 said they receive some form of financial education in school.

Yet, for many it’s

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Over the last few months, you’ve probably heard a lot about inflation and the effect it can have on your cost of living. While you may be familiar with the headline figures, how is it calculated?

The key figure that you normally see is the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

In the 12 months to March 2022, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) data, the CPI rose to 7%. This is the highest rate of inflation

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Investment funds often make up an important part of an investment portfolio and overall financial plan. If you’re not sure how they work or why they can complement your goals, find out here.

When you think of investing, you may imagine investing in individual companies through purchasing stocks or shares. While this is possible and may be something that’s part of your portfolio, investment funds are a popular way for individuals to invest.

What’s an investment fund?

In basic terms,

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Do you have a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place? If you don’t, it could leave you in a vulnerable position if you’re unable to make decisions for yourself, such as after an accident or illness.

Losing the mental capacity or ability to make decisions for yourself is something no one likes to think about. However, by taking steps just in case, you can improve your security and wellbeing.

An LPA gives someone you trust the ability to make