Earth Day – Green up your Finances

Green Up your Finances for Earth Day

Conserve the environment and your money with these great tips

On the 20th anniversary in 1990, Earth Day went global, involving 200 million people in 141 countries and lifting environmental issues onto the world stage. Today Earth Day is the largest civic event in the world with more than a billion participants of different backgrounds, faiths and nationalities simultaneously celebrating around the globe.

Consider these ideas for a greener world

Enroll in electronic banking. Managing your money anytime, anywhere not only offers the ultimate in convenience, it saves you trips to the bank. That means reduced greenhouse gas emissions from your car and more money in your pocket.

Enroll in paperless statements. When you and your friends and neighbours receive statements electronically, there’s less need to cut down trees to make paper. Trees help fight climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Paperless statements are available for three years, so there’s no need to print and file them.

Shop your local farmers market. Food at the farmers market is usually grown locally, meaning it has to travel less to get to your home. This reduces the environmental impact of the food, which usually costs the same or less than you would pay at the grocery store.

Avoid disposables. It’s more environmentally friendly to drink from your own reusable water bottle than to buy bottled water, even if you recycle the disposables. You can also use reusable containers for food in place of plastic bags. You’ll notice the cost savings!

Be more vigilant about how you run your home. Setting your thermostat a few degrees warmer in the summer or cooler in the winter can reduce energy use significantly. Also, wash your clothes in cold water and only run the dishwasher when completely full.

Make energy-efficient updates to your home. Installing a new furnace, replacing doors and windows or adding insulation may reduce the amount of energy your home uses and cut your energy costs. Using your home equity is a cost-efficient, affordable way to pay for these projects.

Celebrate April 22

For Earth Day this year, do something nice for the Earth, have fun and make a difference.