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As Covid-19 lockdown restrictions ease, there are still concerns about what it means for the economy. As the furlough scheme ends, you may be worried about what it means for your job role or you may have already been made redundant. While it’s the short-term challenges that are often the focus, it can affect long-term financial security too.

The Job Retention Scheme, also known as the furlough scheme, has paid employees unable to work due to the pandemic 80% of

Throughout your career, you’ve probably contributed to a few pensions. It can be easy to lose track of them, so you may have considered consolidating them into one larger pension instead.

Indeed, research from the Pension Policy Institute shows that there are eight million deferred Workplace Pensions with values under £1,000. You could be neglecting to factor these savings into your retirement plan and continuing to pay administration fees that may entirely negate any investment returns.

Many countries around the world have eased lockdown measures allowing businesses to reopen and resume economic activity. Some positive signs are coming from economic data but there remains a significant level of uncertainty and measures could be reintroduced if the Covid-19 infection rate continues to rise again.


In July, Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered a Summer Statement, dubbed a ‘mini-budget’, which included measures to stimulate the economy. This included a bonus for businesses that retained furloughed staff, a VAT cut

The Covid-19 pandemic is expected to be the catalyst for significant workplace changes, including more flexible working options. It’s a trend that could affect the housing market as aspiring buyers shift their priorities.

When searching for a home, ease of getting to work has long been a priority for buyers. Sellers with properties that have benefitted from excellent transport options or are located in commuter towns have benefitted from rising property prices. But with more people working remotely or at

Financial protection can provide you and your loved ones with security. However, there are myths that stop people from choosing a product that may be right for them. One of these is that financial protection policies don’t pay out and insurers will find any reason not to honour a claim you’ve made. If this is something you’ve heard, you’re not the only one but it is a myth that can be damaging.

The truth is financial protection products overwhelmingly pay


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