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A Power of Attorney is just as an important part of estate planning as writing a will. Yet, it’s something that many people overlook, potentially leading to challenges for their loved ones and placing themselves in a vulnerable position.

Power of Attorney gives someone you trust the ability to make decisions on your behalf, if you don’t have the mental capacity to do so. This may be temporary, for instance, following an accident, or permanent, due to an ongoing illness.

Have you reviewed your pension lately? Even though we make regular contributions to pensions, it’s not often something we think about until retirement is approaching. However, keeping track of progress during our working lives is important too.

Figures show that pension savers have been using their time in lockdown to get to grips with their retirement pots. Some 37% of pension savers, the equivalent of seven million people, have taken action relating to their pension in

While the health concerns of the Covid-19 pandemic remain, some of the focus is now shifting to the economic impact. Measures taken to reduce the spread of infection and save jobs have cost the government a huge amount that will need to be recouped in some way.

The final Covid-19 bill is impossible to estimate, we don’t know how things will change over the coming months. However, the Office for Budget Responsibility estimates the cost for the current tax year

Click the link to read the Summer budget 2020

Summer Budget 2020

Although markets remain volatile we have seen an excellent market recovery since the start of April. There is still a way to go for a full recovery but signs are looking promising.Our recommended portfolios have performed incredibly well over the last three months and if this continues they will have fully recovered much quicker than anyone anticipated.


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We hope you and those close to you are still keeping safe and well.

The slight easing of the UK Lockdown has had a positive impact for the markets with the FTSE closing on 28th May at 6218, the highest so far during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Although none of our clients are solely invested in the UK, the media tends to use the FTSE 100 as a measure of market performance. We saw dizzy heights of 7500 in December and


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Northfield Wealth | Independent Financial Advisers | Leicestershire
Northfield Wealth | Independent Financial Advisers | Leicestershire

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