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Market Update

There have been some sharp and welcome rallies to markets in the last couple of weeks, and you should see this increase in the valuations of your portfolios. We have been speaking with fund managers on a regular basis and questioning whether we need to be expecting more volatility in the coming months. In most cases they feel the volatility

Northfield Wealth | Independent Financial Advisers | Leicestershire

The start of a new month and we wanted to update you with what we are doing as a business to support our clients, staff, and community through these strange times we find ourselves in.

Supporting Clients

We have been able to continue with all pre-booked meetings, albeit by email, phone or video conference as opposed to face to face. These are working very well, and we would like to thank our clients for adapting so well to this

Northfield Wealth | Independent Financial Advisers | Leicestershire

Clearly, we have some very challenging weeks and months ahead of us; not only dealing with the market shock triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and oil price war, but also the adaptation of new working practices while we try to isolate and practise social distancing. All with the important vision of trying to slow the spread of this deadly virus.

We have been speaking with a variety of fund managers, investment experts and industry professionals to gain a view of


Click read more to see our 2020 Budget Update.

There are no major changes in this Budget that we feel will impact our clients Pensions and Investments but there are some interesting points which are detailed in the update. We are keeping a close eye on investments, funds and markets in light of the Corona virus but are still advising those invested to remain calm, invested and stick to the long term investment vision.

North field Spring Budget 2020

If you have long term pensions or investments that are related in anyway to the stock market, it is likely that you have seen the value drop in the last few weeks. We wanted to write this document to help our clients and others invested in the markets understand why this is happening, what action to take and more importantly what NOT to do.

Whilst the human cost of Corona Virus is of course tragic, it also carries an economic


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Northfield Wealth | Independent Financial Advisers | Leicestershire
Northfield Wealth | Independent Financial Advisers | Leicestershire

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