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If you have long term pensions or investments that are related in anyway to the stock market, it is likely that you have seen the value drop in the last few weeks. We wanted to write this document to help our clients and others invested in the markets understand why this is happening, what action to take and more importantly what NOT to do.

Whilst the human cost of Corona Virus is of course tragic, it also carries an economic

I would like to introduce Steven Mather, a local solicitor from The Right Lawyer for You and Your Business. Steven is our guest blogger and addresses the serious issue of Pension and Investment mis-selling.

The Financial Conduct Authority do a great job at regulating our industry but what if you have been advised by someone who wasn’t Financial Conduct Authority regulated? It is rare these days but we do occasionally come across a new client who has previously been advised

The value of Financial Advice

The value of Financial Advice

Royal London Pensions recently worked with the International Longevity Centre to put a number on how much financial advice is worth to those who receive it. Here, Tom Dunbar elaborates on the findings of that research.

There are many myths and misconceptions around financial advice; some say it is only for high net worth people while others believe the fees are too high.  In recent years, we have worked with the International Longevity Centre–UK(ILC-UK) to


The news is constantly showing us that the worlds economies are going through a period of uncertainty. It is natural to feel nervous about pension and investment funds at the moment. Most funds and portfolios have been on a rollercoaster ride over the last 12 months, however 5 year figures are still very positive.

Markets will rise and fall, but for the long-term investor this shouldn’t be the primary concern. There are even good reasons to see opportunity, especially for

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We’re hearing more and more in the press lately about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). We were intrigued as we’re seeing an increasing number of network marketers selling cryptocurrencies on social media channels such as Facebook. So, we thought it was high time we shared the risks with our clients.

Back in November, there was a highly publicised case where 3.79 million


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Northfield Wealth | Independent Financial Advisers | Leicestershire
Northfield Wealth | Independent Financial Advisers | Leicestershire

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